Spagyric Hemp Salve

Hemp Nighty Night Blend
December 7, 2017
Hemp Extract 250+mg
December 7, 2017

Spagyric Hemp Salve


Our Pure Extract of the Whole Hemp Plant suspended in an amazing salve of Non-GMO Almond Oil, Calendula Flower, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Essential Oil of Lavender. An incredible topical application for those cuts, scrapes and other skin irritations and abrasions.

Contains 125 mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids.


* Please Note – We are transitioning our packaging at this time, so your jar may come in either a 1/2 oz  glass or plastic container.

  • Our Whole Hemp Extract in a Salve for topical use
  • An amazing salve for those cuts, scrapes and other skin irritations
  • Effective for the most challenging muscle and skin issues
  • This 1/2 ounce jar packs a whopping 125mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids
  • We use our Spagyric process to create the most potent and active salve available

This topical Hemp Salve contains:

Non-GMO Almond Oil, Calendula Flower extract, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Whole Hemp Extract (containing 125+mg naturally occurring CBD – no THC), Beeswax, and Essential Oil of Lavender.

Directions: Apply to skin and massage in until completely absorbed. For External Use Only.

Note – some slight staining/discoloration may be present on the skin for the first few minutes after application then should disappear soon after absorption.

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